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  • What is Google Keyboard for Android?

    This virtual keyboard provides Android users with the very same sense of flexibility and functionality that is associated with its standard desktop counterpart. It offers a number of streamlined features and it is ideal for anyone who manually types on their mobile device.

  • Is Google Keyboard for Android free to download?

    Users will not be required to pay to download this virtual keyboard. In the same respect, there will be no obligation to agree to any type of subscription in the future.

  • How much free memory will Google Keyboard for Android need?

    This Google keyboard will need 15.73 megabytes of available memory space in order to function properly. While it is not a particularly large file, it is still a good idea to check your memory status if you have downloaded numerous applications in the recent past.

  • Is Google Keyboard for Android free from malicious threats?

    This keyboard has been developed by Google and therefore, you can remain confident that there are no types of viruses present. In order to reinforce this fact, the professionals at Softonic have gone a step further and performed our own tests before offering it to the public.

  • What are some of the special features associated with Google Keyboard for Android?

    This keyboard is defined by its enhanced sense of functionality. Some of the unique features which you will be able to enjoy include glide typing, instant access to emojis and settings which support voice-activated dictation (for a hands-free edge).

  • Will Google Keyboard for Android support multiple languages?

    There are numerous languages which are recognized by this software platform. As multilingual typing is supported, users will no longer have to switch back and forth. A full list is available on the official website.

  • What other options are available within Google Keyboard for Android?

    Other possibilities include the ability to share GIFs, the option to translate words between two different languages and the capability to use the space bar as a means to move the cursor.

  • Is there a desktop version of Google Keyboard for Android?

    The original version of this keyboard was created for desktop computers. If you would like enjoy immediate access to this variant, click the "alternative link" directly below the main download option on the Softonic page.

  • How do I install google Keyboard for Android?

    You will first need to click on the "Download Now" icon. A small EXE file will be installed. This file will then open and help you through the rest of the installation process. You can choose options such as where you would like the program to be sent when the process is completed.

  • Can I perform an immediate search from this Android keyboard?

    As you might have already suspected, Google has included a streamlined search function from directly within this keyboard. Not only will you access the main Google page with a single click, but you can perform additional searches for nearby restaurants and you are even able to check the local weather forecast for your geographic area.